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Features that areUnder Development

The ISMS is consistently undertaking upgrades and releasing new features. These contain but are not limited to the following exciting new releases for 2018/2019.

  • Desktop Features Are Going Online

    The complete ISMS Admin Desktop edition is currently undertaking an upgrade to a complete online application. This is expected to be rolled out in 2018. This will remove the installation off desktops and be accessible anywhere.

  • Employer Portal

    We are working hard on a new portal for employers to access their student and/or apprentice’s resources online. This includes but is not limited to

    Attendance: Employers will be able to view the student’s attendance and automatically be notified if they do not turn up via email or SMS.

    Progress reports on demand: At any time an Employer will be able to view live information on the students’ progress and which competencies the student is currently working on.

    Student Assessment records signoff online: Which will also include email reminders of what items are still remaining for the employer to attend to.

  • Record Assessment Books Online

    We have built generic templates which competency assessment record books can be setup. This will allow electronic availability and signoff. These templates will soon be available for institutes to start populating. Once complete this will eliminate printing costs and have the ability to be produced on demand.

    Sample questions and answers are available to be setup to assist trainers when doing onsite assessments.

  • Link to

    Setting up Courses from can be somewhat time consuming. We are undertaking development to incorporate the available plugin into our iSMS applications to simplify this process by importing Course Setup information.

  • iSMS Student App

    We are looking into developing an Android and Apple app for the iSMS Student Portal whereas students will be able to (But not limited to)

    • Access their Training Plan
    • Access their online learning (Moodle) directly
    • Be able to report on their attendance
    • Receive push notifications directly from the iSMS Admin application
    • Access their results and progress
    • Sign off on assessments
  • AVETMISS Reporting

    We are now AVETMISS compliant and will be added to the AVETMISS register soon. Where required we will be incorporating these tools into the iSMS Admin portal for RTO’s who wish to report directly rather than using their SMS application.