Great Benefits

The Best Solution for your Training Organisation.

Minimise Your Workload


Let the system do most of the work for you! Free yourself from paper-clutter and spend more time growing your training business.

Lower The Cost


Save time and money with the Integrated SMS. Spend more time out in the field with Students and Employers.

Manage Your Business Remotely


Everything you need is in the Integrated SMS, enrolment forms, tick sheets, digital signature, employer assess/fees and contracts. All you need is a desktop or mobile device. Required forms are at your fingertips.

Store Your Data Safety

store data safely

All student/employer data is completely safe and secure. Being 100% paperless and online, your documentation will never be misplaced or lost.

Connect With Your Students

connect with students

The Integrated SMS has a built-in Student Portal which allows students to log in, check their messages, assessments, results, training plans, etc.

Customised Features

customised features

Our Integrated SMS can be customized to your specifications and requirements. It is also compliant. Let us know what functions you need and we will design it for you.

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